Freedom to ACT 2018 – New York!


January 5-7 , 2018 New York City – Janvier 2018, du 5 au 7 à New-York
Developed by: Belinda Mello and Ann Rodiger
Located at Balance Arts Center and various midtown studios in NYC

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Join us for workshops, presentations, lively discussions and brunch.

The Actor’s Self and Personal Journey
Become a part of our growing AT and Acting community of artists and teachers for the quality of your personal and professional daily life.

Self-Care, Self Knowledge and Living Well
This theme includes preventing injury, working through vocal and movement problems, managing character requirements on stage, and recovering from the mental, emotional and physical demands of performing. The Alexander Technique helps actors recognize their own strengths and habits and provides a pathway to embody growth and change.

Pre-Conference for AT Teachers and Trainees
We will explore how we teach the AT to enhance the actor’s work and training. We will dialogue about how we can best relate the two disciplines in order to be most effective.

Presenters will include:
Sarah Barker
Agnès De Brunhoff
Alex Farkas
Janet Madelle Feindel
Richard Feldman
Joan Frost
Diane Gaary
Kim Jessor
Anne Johnson
Anita King
Cathy Madden
Belinda Mello
Jenny Mercein
Kyra Miller
Erin O’Leary
Ann Rodiger
Carolyn Serota
Eleanor Taylor
Jean E Taylor
Eileen Troberman
Rachelle Palnick Tsachor
Jessica Wolf

Be sure to plan to stay for the closure of the conference which features a performance by Jean E Taylor in excerpts from her original show: STOP/SLOW (A FLAGGER’S LAMENT)

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