Nouvelle publication dans The Congress Papers – 10th international Congress of F.M. Alexander Technique


Congress Papers 2015

Nouvelle parution très attendue dans The Congress Papers, édition de référence sur la théorie, la pratique et les applications de la Technique Alexander.

Ce dernier article d’Agnès porte sur le theme de la respiration et de la phonation:

« The Use of Breathing and the Body Vowels » by Agnes de Brunhoff (p.156)


About The Congress Papers:

The Congress is focused on learning and sharing practical information between colleagues and interested people to improve professional skills, as well as bringing in experts in their field who help to expand our understanding and communication of the Alexander Technique in the larger world. The Congress papers boast a wide variety of presenters who have varied approaches to the Alexander Technique.

This volume brings together 47 papers over 322 pages separated in five different parts: Part one – How we work, Part two – Touch, Direction, Working on Ourselves and Others, Part three – Creativity and Performance, Part four – Anatomy and Movement, Part five – Applications, New Directions.

The Papers present both practical and theoretical aspects of teaching and practising the Technique. They contain a wide variety of traditional and contemporary ideas and views, representing a wealth of experience and knowledge from all over the world, offering fresh insights into the Alexander Technique as it is taught today.