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Agnès de Brunhoff is a singer, pianist, Alexander Technique teacher
and voice and performance coach. Her work over the years both as a
performer and trainer have led her to be known for her work
internationally. Fluent in three languages, she draws strength and
inspiration from her eclectic background for her work coaching
other performers.

Her first experience of the Alexander Technique revolutionized her awareness of the body and her approach to music, allowing
her to develop the right 'gesture' linked to thought in the body. In October 2008, she opened the CFTAlexander school in Paris
where she trains Alexander Technique teachers and continues her research into the dynamic relationship between the body,
voice, and the principles of the Alexander Technique as applied to performance.

She has worked as a teacher and trainer at various institutions including performing arts schools in Paris such as ARIAM,
ENSATT, and the Studio des Variétés; the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London; and the European Union Youth
Orchestra. Currently she continues to teach at the CNSMDP Paris conservatoire and also gives private coaching to actors
(Clémence Poesy for the film Jeanne CaptiveAnne Consigny), opera singers (Julie Robard Gendre, Camille Poul,
Amelie Robinault, Romain Dayez), dancers, conductors (Melisse Brunet), trios (Trio Atanassov, Trio Sõra) and also
pianists (Adam Laloum, Célimene Daudet).

A versatile performer, she worked first as an actress in films (A. Constant dir. Christine Laurent), and theatre (Ma famille
dir. Pierre Ascaride), and then went on to work with dancers, notably for Maguy Marin (Avignon 89),
Anne-Marie Raynaud and the Four Solaire. As a singer-songwriter and composer, she has made 3 albums :
Même, Avec lui and Blues en rose. She has perfomed in a trio and quartet in venues such as New Morning,
the Maroquinerie, and the Baiser Salé.

She has directed a range of stage productions, working for the company Opera in Space, in Britain, directing an immersive
version of Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater at the St John Museum in London (2014). At the Pavé d’Orsay in Paris, she directed
a performance of
Des rivières plein la voix sur un texte de based on a text by Ludovic Janvier, featuring the actor
Gregory Gerreboo and the flautist Jeanne Marie Savourat (2016), and also directed a production of Poulenc’s
La Voix humaine with the soprano Camille Poul and pianist Jean-Paul Pruna, which was performed at Lille Opera (2014),
at the Folles journées de Nantes festival (2015) for the festival of Rocque d’Antheron (2016).

She has been invited to give masterclasses in different countries, including at the Baroque music festival in Namur,
Belgium (2013), and in Beirut, Lebanon (2015). She gave a presentation on her work on voice and breathing at the
International Alexander Technique Congress in Limerick (2016), and also gave workshops on the application of the
Alexander Technique to voice and stage performance in Montreal (2016), and, most recently, at the conseratoire of
Orsay in the singing class of Stéphanie Revidat.

Renowned as a trainer, she had the honour of having a paper published in the published edition of Congress Papers
(2016, see blog). Her first book “En  scène, corps à corps ”, was published in 2012, with a second edition in 2015,
and was also translated into English as “On stage! Back to yourself with the Alexander Technique”.
Her second book will be coming out in the near future…

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